Explorables and Games

  • Complexity Explorer [link]

  • VAX! A game about epidemic prevention [link]

  • Random Walk games [link]


  • FlowMap Blue: Create interactive geographic flow maps from data published in Google Sheets. Visualize numbers of movements between geographic locations (Origin-Destination or OD-data). [link]

  • How the BBC Visual and Data Journalism team works with graphics in R [link]

  • kepler.gl: is a powerful open source geospatial analysis tool for large-scale data sets. Visualize location data [link]

  • Visualizing time dependent networks with d3.js [link to try] [link to code]

Interesting Posts

  • Ping-Pong Ball Trajectory Graph [link]

Ping-Pong Ball Trajectory Graph.mp4

Complexity Science

  • Complexity Explained [link]


  • How BBC visualizes data [link]

  • Draw directed network on a picture and extract the network to JSON [link]

Draw directed network on an image
  • NodeXL - Build networks in Excel -only supports Windows :( [link]

  • Netwulf - A Python/JavaScript-package allowing to interactively style network visualizations for easy reproduction [link | tweet-video]


  • Desmos - Explore equations and graph them [link]

  • JuliaDiffEq - Differential Equations: JuliaDiffEq is a Github organization created to unify the packages for solving differential equations in Julia. By providing a diverse set of tools with a common interface, we provide a modular, easily-extendable, and highly performant ecosystem for solving various forms of differential equations. [link]


  • Mandelbrot set [link]


  • KONECT: The Koblenz Network Collection (temporal and static networks) [link]

  • Pajek datasets (temporal networks) [link]


  • You can scribble whatever you want into Google's AI tool, called AutoDraw, and it'll convert it into clipart that you can download for free. Seems useful for slides & stimuli. [link]