Opening: X-Networks Blog

Welcome to my blog! I have decided to write about how complexity science has changed and continues to shape my life today. This blog is a reflection on the impact of the complex systems theory on my career.

This blog aims to present my journey toward an applied exploration and understanding of complex systems. I conducted research on diverse topics ranging from the impact of plate size on food waste and the issue of political-polarization, to the controllability of complex systems, improving diagnosis from heart angiography images, and designing the next generation of cloud computing services capable of self-organization.

Complexity science broadened my horizon and enabled me to understand that innovation happens at the intersection of disciplines. Currently, my main focus is on developing innovative and data-driven solutions to fix the food systems, investigating how ultra-processed food impacts our society culturally, economically, physiologically, and healthfully. In my spare time, I explore syntactic changes in Germanic languages using complex network theory to uncover patterns in language evolution by observing the emergence of syntax through centuries of abstraction-exchange among humans.

My academic background paved the way for me to become a technology expert and appreciate the philosophy of technology. But at the core, I am an explorer. My ultimate goal is to encourage innovative thinking, eco-system thinking, and network thinking to promote the exploration of complex systems.